A visit to the dentist can cause anxiety and stress and most often it is because you don’t fully understand what will be done to your mouth and teeth. If you’ve ever wondered what some of these dental procedures entail, here is a breakdown of the five most common dental procedures.

1. Extractions

If your tooth becomes diseased or severely damaged, your dentist will need to permanently extract it from your mouth. Extractions are often necessary during orthodontic work as well to reshape your mouth. 

Performing an extraction can be done under local anesthetic. Your dentist will use a specialized pair of pliers to work the tooth loose then free from your gums. If the tooth is fragile, the jaw bone and gum may have to be debrided for a surgical extraction that is typically performed under general anesthetic. 

  • Debridement is the gross removal of calculus and plaque which interferes with your dentist’s ability to perform comprehensive dental work. It means you have a buildup of calculus and plaque that has begun to imbed itself around and in your gums between your teeth. 

2. Caps or Crowns

Caps or crowns are material fitted over a badly decayed, misshapen, or damaged tooth. During the cap or crown fitting, your tooth is frozen with anesthesia. Once numbed, your dentist will file down your damaged tooth, so the cap or crown fits over it. 

A dental resin is used to make an impression of your tooth. The cap or crown is created from that mold using porcelain, metal, porcelain bonded to metal, or acrylic. Your dentist at Palm Beach Gardens Dentist will help you choose the best material for your crown or cap. Porcelain crowns are the typical ones used at the front of your mouth as they are made to look like your natural teeth. Metal crowns are typically used in the back of the mouth where they are not noticed. 

3. Root Canals

If you develop a bacterial infection that has made its way to the center of your tooth, your dentist will suggest a procedure called a root canal. A root canal will prevent you from losing the tooth. 

A root canal is done so your dentist can clean out the infected tissue in the center of your tooth. Once the infected material is removed, the dentist will fill the space with a sealant. A root canal is preferred over the removal of a tooth as it will prevent your other teeth from shifting and reduce your risk of jaw problems. 


Instead of using a cap or crown to protect a damaged tooth, your dentist may suggest a veneer instead. The veneers are made from thin, strong pieces of porcelain that will bond to your natural teeth. These are often used for cosmetic purposes such as making your teeth look whiter or straighter. 


If you develop cavities or holes in your teeth, fillings are used to close them. Cavities often develop from trauma or decay and can lead to bacterial infection in your mouth if not treated. 

To perform a filling of your tooth, your dentist has to drill out the cavity and remove the infection. Once cleaned out, your tooth is filled with a composite filling or dental amalgam. Depending on your needs, your dentist at Palm Beach Gardens Dentist will most likely use a filling material made of metal. 

Best Place to Have Your Dental Procedures

If you are in need of one of these common dental procedures or have any oral health issues, Dr. Michael Quasha, DMD at Palm Beach Gardens Dentist can provide you with the best oral care in the area. We are ready to provide you with the best professional oral care whether you are looking for cosmetic dentistry, need a restorative implant, or are experiencing a dental emergency. Our full range of dental services are performed with superior dental care to meet all your oral health needs. 

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