When you replace your teeth with dentures, you restore your beautiful smile. Dentures also give you back the full function of your mouth and will boost your confidence. Learning to live with dentures does take some adjustments. Dry mouth, speech, chewing, and even bad breath can be challenging for some.

There are some helpful tips for denture wearers, to make the experience more enjoyable and easier.

Expect Adjustments

The first tip to reduce any concerns or issues with your new dentures is to expect adjustments. It is normal after wearing your new dentures to take a while for your tissues to become adjusted to the new prosthesis. You may even have to ask your dentist to make a few adjustments in the first few weeks to get a comfortable fit.

The underlying bone structure in your mouth will change. This change may require an adjustment every couple of years so your dentures continue to fit comfortably.

Brush Dentures Every Day

You have to brush your dentures every day just as you did with your natural teeth. Dentures can develop bacteria, tartar, and stains just like your teeth. To keep them white, you have to rinse food particles from them every day.

To maintain your dentures, you will want to rinse food off first, then brush with a soft-bristled brush or dampened cloth. You can find special cleaning products in the pharmacy section, or use a dishwashing detergent and warm water to clean your dentures. Do not use bleaching agents on your new dentures as you can damage them.

Adjust Diet

There may be certain foods to avoid with your new dentures. Foods such as corn on the cob or hard nuts should be avoided until you become acquainted with the use of this prosthesis. Many patients stick to softer foods, to begin with, such as potatoes, ice cream, cooked vegetables, or others. Some people do not encounter any issues with eating just as they did before dentures. Talk to your dentist at Quasha Family Dental to learn if you will have any restrictions.

Soak Your Dentures

After you’ve completed your daily brushing, it is recommended you soak your dentures in a non-abrasive denture cleaner. This cleaner will remove bacteria, plaque, and food that you may have missed during brushing. The cleaner will also help prevent bad breath from wearing your dentures. Check with your dentist at Quasha Family Dental to learn how long your particular dentures should be soaked.

Talk More

Some denture wearers experience a slight learning curve after getting their new dentures. The experience is different for each, but for some, it may take a few weeks before you feel comfortable talking naturally. Talk as much as possible the first few weeks, even try reading out loud to help the feel become more comfortable. The more you talk, the faster your soft tissues and tongue will get accustomed to your new dentures.

Give Your Mouth a Break

It is recommended you take your dentures out for six to eight hours a day. This break will allow your mouth to heal from any sores or irritations that could have occurred during the day. Sleeping without your dentures is the perfect time to give your mouth a break.

When giving your mouth a break, it provides a great time to soak your dentures. Use warm water or a solution approved by your dentist at Quasha Family Dental. The soaking will help keep your denture’s shape and prevent them from drying out.

Stay Hydrated

A dry mouth can cause irritations in your gums and mouth and will increase the chance of bacterial decay. Wearing dentures has caused many wearers to experience dry mouth, so it is important to stay hydrated. Staying hydrated allows your body to replenish fluids such as saliva. If this becomes an issue with your new dentures, talk to your dentist at Quasha Family Dental about ways to counter dry mouth, including saliva substitutes.

Where to Learn More About Wearing Dentures

Dr. Michael Quasha, Quasha Family Dental, has been providing top-quality dental care for more than twenty years in the Palm Beach Gardens area. We offer you a full range of dental care, including dentures. If you feel you need dentures or have questions about the dentures you are wearing, contact our office and talk to one of our specialists. We are here to provide you with the best professional care and look forward to helping you enhance your smile.

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