Your smile is one of your most important features and you want it to be and look its best. If you have broken a tooth, or have a missing one, you most likely want it fixed. The question is do you need restorative dentistry or cosmetic dentistry? If you understand these two procedures more, it will help you decide which one will work for your needs. 

What is Restorative Dentistry

Restorative dentistry is a dental procedure that will restore your teeth so they function as they should. If you have a tooth missing, or a broken one, your teeth will not function properly. When your teeth don’t work as they should, it can become difficult to chew food or speak right and affects your quality of life. 

When you have broken or missing teeth, you are also at risk of developing other issues. Problems such as gum disease or tooth decay. These two issues can also result in changing your facial appearance by making it look sunken. 

A restorative dentist is trained to provide their patients with dental services to make sure their teeth function properly and fix any structural problems that may have occurred. When you have restorative work on your teeth, the benefits include:

  • Improve your smile
  • Boost your self-confidence
  • Prevent a sunken look to your face

Different restorative dentistry procedures include:

  • Onlays and inlays to restore wholeness to damaged teeth
  • Fillings to repair tooth decay
  • Dental implants to replace a missing tooth
  • Dental crown to cover a damaged tooth
  • Bridgework or dentures to replace a missing tooth or teeth

At times your dentist at Palm Beach Gardens, Dentist might find it necessary to perform restorative dental procedures before a cosmetic procedure can be performed. The restorative procedures will fix the problems with your teeth, and cosmetic dentistry will take a step further to enhance your appearance. 

What is Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is done to enhance your teeth’ appearance. This form of dentistry is generally done for aesthetic purposes more so than to fix a functional purpose of your teeth. Cosmetic dentistry is also done more so to make you look better and improve your dental health. 

Cosmetic dentists are trained differently on how to enhance your smile. Restorative dentists focus more on restoring your teeth to a normal function. Some of the procedures done as cosmetic dentistry include:

  • Removing stains
  • Whitening teeth
  • Using bridgework, crowns, and veneers made of porcelain to give you a natural appearance
  • Composite bonding to make your teeth look better if you have gaps between them or if you have uneven teeth
  • Dental implants
  • Teeth straightening

Where to Have Restorative or Cosmetic Dentistry in Florida

Palm Beach Gardens Dentistry offers you restorative and cosmetic dental services to make your smile the best it can be. Our cosmetic dentistry procedures will improve your gums, teeth and give you the smile you deserve. Our procedures include teeth whitening, Invisalign, tooth-colored fillings, and more. With cosmetic dental procedures at Palm Beach Gardens Dentistry, you’ll walk away with a smile people notice. 

Talk to Michael D. Quasha, DDS, and learn which dental procedure will work for your mouth and smile. Restorative and cosmetic dentistry is available, and with more than twenty years in the dental field, Palm Beach Gardens Dentistry has the experience to give you a beautiful smile. 

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